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Translation library for Angular and Ionic apps

April 01, 2018

Introducing an @ngstack/translate library that is going to satisfy all your apps’ translation (i18n) needs.

I am happy to introduce a new project called @ngstack/translate. It helps adding simple and manageable translation (i18n) support for your Angular and Ionic applications, based on external .json files.

Major features

  • Focuses on the translation process. Reasonable defaults. No “frameworks”, loaders, parsers, etc. split across multiple packages that you need to install and maintain just to handle your .json files.
  • Perfectly works with AoT and Lazy Loading as you expect it.
  • Loading translations from multiple locations, to cover your third party libs and feature modules.
  • Managing translations from code. Populate language data, translate strings, all can be done in-memory.
  • Configurable cache busting. Always get the fresh translation if you need that.
  • Supports the popular “translate” Angular Pipe naming. Variety of ways to use in the HTML templates.
  • Restricting supported languages and automatic fallback. Don’t waste time for probing unsupported files, and use fallback values to whatever language you want.
  • Open source with MIT license.. No plans to charge you. You can always buy my Angular book if you really-really want supporting the development :) but the translate library is going to remain free.
  • Rapidly evolving. More features are in the oven, and feel free to raise ideas/suggestions/bugs on the GitHub tracker.

You can get more details on the feature set, as well as the examples by visiting the following links:

Live examples

You can find and check live examples at Stackblitz links below:

I hope you really enjoy working with this library, and looking forward your feedback.

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