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Duckflow: a tiny BPMN process designer

May 03, 2020

I would like to announce a new hobby project I have been working at my spare time during the global lockdown. It is a web application called Duckflow, and it provides a lightweight BPMN designer experience.


The Duckflow application is going to be useful when you need a fast BPMN prototyping experience. It is a client-only web application that focuses on the modelling aspects of the diagrams rather than execution of the processes.

Duckflow example
Example Duckflow process

Also, you can see the source code of the process in the Code view (.xml), toggle property panel and minimap component. The application supports export to multiple formats, as well as saving and loading .bpmn files to and from your local machine.

Code view and Exporting

Privacy first

  • all process files are stored locally
  • no trackers
  • no data leaves your browser and your local machine
  • no account registration required


Initially, the application provides the following features:

  • Fast prototyping of BPMN processes
  • Automatic saves
  • Properties panel and Minimap navigation
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • All data stored locally (cloud options coming in future)
  • Exporting processes to multiple formats (.bpmn, .svg, .xml)
  • Importing BPMN processes from your local machine
  • Showing the source code of the process

More features are on the way…

Application Menu

You can access the following features via the application menu or corresponding keyboard shortcuts:

  • File

    • New File / Recent File
    • Download
    • Open
    • Export: SVG / XML
  • Edit

    • Undo / Redo
    • Cut / Copy / Paste
    • Select All / Remove Selected
    • Tools: Hand / Space / Global Connect / Edit
  • View

    • Toggle Properties
    • Toggle Minimap
    • Appearance: Zoom In / Zoom Out / Reset Zoom / Zoom to Fit
    • Previous Editor / Next Editor
    • Close Editor / Close All Editors

Edit Menu
Edit Menu

Try it

Please note that application is in the early preview.

You can try it here:
Issues and feature requests: GitHub

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