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Project Lint for GitHub

April 19, 2019

Project Lint is a GitHub Application (bot) that provides linting support for your projects by utilizing various optional modules.

You can find the application in the GitHub application portal: Project Lint.

Please note that the project is in the early preview stage. To raise an issue or feature request, please use the following link: plint-bot.

This page will be updated to reflect new features as they arrive.



The application supports multiple opt-in modules. Here’s a list of modules that you can enable for your projects:

  • Prettier Performs code formatting checks for the pull requests, supports Fix actions to correct the errors

  • Spellcheck Performs spellcheck validation of the pull request


You can provide the configuration in the .github/plint.yml file. The configuration file allows enabling modules, as well as fine-tuning them, for example:

  - pr.prettier
  - pr.spellcheck

  autoFix: true
    singleQuote: true

    - plint

All configuration options are optional.

Coming soon

Below is the list of features that are coming soon:

  • Markdown linting
  • License header checks
  • Pull request title checks
  • Testing presence of unit tests when adding new Angular component

Feature requests

For more details, please refer to the following GitHub repository: plint-bot.